Painting: Color of the Year

Various paint and color companies typically release their own color trends and predictions for the upcoming year. So far, here are some colors that are trending this 2023: 
Raspberry blush

Creating a wow factor, Benjamin Moore’s color marketing director, Andrea Magno, unveils Raspberry Blush as the Color of the Year. Reflecting a shift towards warmer, saturated colors like corals and terra cotta, it embraces dynamic expression and pushes boundaries in 2023.

Redend Point

“Redend Point” is Sherwin-Williams’ 2023 Color of the Year, representing warmth, empathy, and the prevailing trends of earthy elements and transitioning neutrals. It aligns with the broader concept of care culture and encourages community support alongside self-care.

Blank canvas

In response to years of uncertainty, Behr’s VP of Color and Services, Erika Woelfel, introduces “Blank Canvas.” This pristine warm white shade rejuvenates spaces, serving as a versatile backdrop for any décor style. Symbolizing renewal and fresh beginnings, it purifies the atmosphere and unlocks endless design possibilities in the vibrant year of 2023.

Vining Ivy

For those looking for a more luxurious feel, Vining Ivy can easily go glam when accessorized with golden accents and bright white trim. Those who love this moody hue but are still feeling color shy can treat themselves to the understated elegance of a teal accent wall or make a statement with Vining Ivy on their kitchen cabinetry.

Rustic Greige

Effortlessly blending timeless rustic elegance with sophistication, this enchanting medium-toned neutral creates a cozy ambiance. With one-coat coverage and stunning results, it’s perfect for rustic chic or blending natural and contemporary elements


The company introduces Alizarin as a deep and moody, yet refreshingly warm auburn hue. Serving as a pleasing alternative to gray and beige, this color can transform small spaces into cozy retreats, while also lending an opulent touch to larger rooms.

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