Renovating your bathroom can be very exciting, as it’s an opportunity to make something that you use every day into something that you love. However, it’s important to avoid making these common mistakes when renovating your bathroom. Taking the time to fix these before you start the renovations will save you from needing to redo certain things when the project is complete.

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Not Having the Right Supplies

No job is complete without all of the materials you need. Be sure to have all your supplies before you start to work; otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for a frustrating mess later on. You don’t want to finish with a perfect set of cabinets and then realize you don’t have any hinges or knobs. So, be sure to get everything ahead of time, so there are no surprises down the road. The last thing you want is problems! What if you don’t have enough tile? What if you run out of grout? These issues can crop up if not prepared correctly. I always find it best to err on having too much rather than running out of some material. Better safe than sorry! 

Going Over Budget

While big renovations can cost thousands and even tens of thousands, small ones shouldn’t be more than a few hundred dollars at most. If you have a big renovation going on in your home (say new hardwood floors or kitchen renovations), you might plan several months in advance with cash reserves to pay for these jobs.

Hiring an Unprofessional Contractor

You want to avoid having amateur work on your renovation project. Researching contractors, asking for referrals, and checking out their reviews online are great ways to ensure that you hire a reputable company. Also, check with local companies to ensure they have proper licensing and insurance. By law, they must carry sufficient liability coverage. Homeowners’ insurance policies often provide limited protection if there is damage to another home as a result of a contractor’s work. The purpose of homeowner’s insurance is to repair the damage done to one’s own property in most cases (notwithstanding certain exceptions, such as earthquake damage). Check with your insurer regarding appropriate limits, deductibles, and whether or not earthquake insurance applies in all states.

Know what you need to be done: It’s easier than ever today to find everything from bathroom ideas and budget tips to services and products all in one place – so don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by choice.

Skipping on Quality Materials

The best way to upgrade a bathroom is by purchasing high-quality materials. In fact, quality often trumps cost, as quality brands will last longer than low-grade products. Start by choosing only products with a trusted brand name and solid reviews from existing users. While you’re at it, opt for surface materials (like tile) over manufactured goods (like plastic). Surface materials tend to hold up better over time and are easier to repair or replace later on down the road if necessary. Finally, look for well-known brands that are known for excellence in craftsmanship (like Daltile) rather than cheaper imports. Overall, you’ll get more out of your investment by buying better items upfront. Besides saving money in general, opting for quality also lowers chances of future breakage—meaning you won’t have to pay extra to have someone fix what should have been done right in the first place.

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Forgetting About How You Will Use the Bathroom in the Future

There’s more to it than just making a pretty shower! We tend to imagine what we would like our bathroom to look like but then neglect thinking about how we will actually use it. Sure, you might have fantasized about soaking in your very own spa-like tub, but will you be able to carry on conversations in there? Or chat with friends while doing your hair? Have you ever considered how many of your friends will fit inside (and where they may want to sit)? Ask yourself these questions and more before getting too carried away with design ideas; it will save you from any embarrassing surprises later on down the road.

People spend a lot of time, money, and energy on building or remodeling their bathrooms, and even small mistakes can lead to costly repairs down the road. Before you begin any remodeling project, it’s important to hire an experienced contractor. Consider all factors before starting a renovation. Working with a reliable contractor is one way to ensure your bathroom will meet—and exceed—your expectations.


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