If you’re trying to find the fastest way to get your project built, the design-build method is an excellent choice. In this method, one firm serves as both the architect and general contractor, which means they take care of everything from conception to completion. Here are a few reasons you should consider design-build delivery when your project needs to be finished quickly.

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Reduce Coordination Between Multiple Parties

In construction, it can take months to coordinate between different architects, engineers, and builders to create one cohesive plan. These issues are especially prevalent in projects that require renovation on top of new construction or demolition. Design-build cuts down on these problems by getting a single contractor—the general contractor—to oversee all aspects of design and construction. It streamlines communication and planning across all parties, minimizing costs and time delays. If a design issue arises later in development, there’s one group with oversight over how to resolve it. If anything goes wrong early on (and something always does), everyone will know how to fix it fast—no finger pointing required.

Save Time

Using a Design/Build delivery method, a single team does all work required to complete your project. They start with designing and engineering then use their labor force to build it. Having one unified team manages costs, resources, and time, so you get it on time and on budget. It’s also easier for them to adjust plans as changes occur since everyone is working towards a shared goal. One contract with one point of contact keeps things efficient and eliminates extra administration. Since they are committed to completing your project, they have an incentive to finish on time without rework or delay. On large projects, you save on overhead like office space, equipment needs, and personnel. 

Increase Safety

Design-Build streamlines and expedites construction. The contractor handles all subcontractors, working with them throughout their lifecycle to complete tasks on time. It allows for better management and accountability, which leads to safer work environments, lower construction costs, and fewer delays due to weather. For homeowners, Design-Build delivery decreases time in temporary housing while also allowing you to remain in contact with your home while it’s being built. If you choose to move out during construction, you can return at any point. Since there are no extended periods without occupancy (e.g., after pouring foundations), there are fewer disruptions to your daily life as well as less wear and tear on materials because they’re not left outdoors unprotected over long periods. 

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Standardize Expectations On All Sides

Doing business with professional designers, builders and consultants mean they should be held to industry standards. Make sure they have a proven track record with business operations, job cost estimates, and experience in their area of expertise. That way, all parties will know what to expect at every project stage. It will help keep prices down while ensuring that you still get everything you want from your finished product. Making sure everyone is on board from day one can save time and money overall. As long as there are no surprises later on down the line, construction on any job tends to run smoothly. 

Quality Control

If you’re building a house, how often do you want to see it or check in on its progress? The fact is that quality control should be done constantly by a designer/architect and builder. Even if something seems like a small detail, it can affect things later down the road and lead to more major problems in multiple areas of your property. When they build things together, they’re both responsible for each other’s work. There are pros and cons to everything, but only once you try something will you know what works best for your needs. This way works great with houses that have a tight budget since there are fewer middlemen involved during construction, such as a general contractor. 

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Faster Return On Investment

Reducing construction time by up to 40% means a shorter payback period for your project. That’s one reason why investors are choosing to support design-build delivery—and why banks and capital providers like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and VA have fully adopted it as well. It can reduce construction time by 20 percent or more through better coordination and planning between owners, architects, general contractors (GCs), and subcontractors. It allows GCs to take on both roles so they can focus on managing their projects from start to finish, resulting in less rework and waste, ultimately saving clients’ money. With such significant benefits at stake across multiple stakeholders, it’s easy to see why design-build is becoming an industry standard. 

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