Painting Your Home:
Pros and Cons of DIY

Sooner or later, all homeowners have to contend with an inconvenient reality…namely, that their home desperately needs a fresh coat of paint. Maybe you’ve just moved into new digs and want to give the place your own chosen color palette.

There are pros and cons to both approaches, and it may ultimately boil down to several factors, such as the scope of the project and the amount of time at your disposal. As you try to make a wise decision, take a moment to review our list of pros and cons.

Let’s start with some of the primary advantages you can expect when you paint your own property

  • The fact that you won’t have to pay for labor is the main benefit. That’s not to imply a DIY paint job is free; you will undoubtedly need to purchase paint and other materials. But doing the work yourself can frequently save you a sizeable sum of money. 
  • You have more influence over the outcome when you paint something yourself. If you take the time to hire the appropriate contractor, you shouldn’t have to worry about your contractor being unable to achieve the exact coloring or design that you have in mind. But when you do it yourself, you can really do it your way.
  • Another possible benefit of painting your house yourself is that it gives you some flexibility; you may choose to work on individual rooms as time and money permit. The DIY method might be successful if you’re not in a rush to paint the entire house and are willing to divide the project into manageable chunks.

Cons of Painting Your Own House

There are also a few noteworthy drawbacks to the DIY path.

  • The major drawback is that you might not receive the high standard of quality you desire. Painting is more complicated than it first appears, and novices are prone to making careless errors that affect the quality of the end product. Your cost savings may then be at risk because you might need to purchase additional paint to apply additional coats and correct prior mistakes.
  • The other main drawback is time. Since painting is a notoriously slow and laborious task, there are instances when you may not have the time to accomplish it yourself. For instance, you might not have much time if you want to sell your house, therefore you’ll need to engage a team of experts.
  • Also note that professional painters will be fastidious in keeping your entire home clean and uncluttered. When you do the job yourself, it’s all too easy to spill paint or do something else that damages the house.

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