Summer Serenity: Tiki Huts

Photos shown are a renovation we did in Ewa Beach, Hawai’i. Customer wanted to restore their Tiki next to the pool. 

What Are Tiki Huts?

Tiki huts, which are outdoor structures commonly used for entertainment and relaxation in tropical or beachy settings, are typically constructed with natural materials such as bamboo, thatch, or palm fronds. They serve the purpose of providing shade and shelter from the sun and rain. Additionally, tiki huts are popular in various parts of the world, including Hawai’i, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific.

Traditionally, tiki huts were utilized by Polynesian cultures as gathering places for community events, feasts, and celebrations. Nowadays, they have found their place in backyard parties, beach resorts, and other outdoor occasions. Furthermore, tiki huts come in different sizes and designs, featuring a thatched roof supported by bamboo or wooden poles. Moreover, some tiki huts also incorporate a bar or seating area underneath, making them a favored location for outdoor entertaining.

Tiki huts have evolved into an iconic symbol of tropical living, enabling individuals to create a relaxing and exotic atmosphere in their own backyard. They can be purchased pre-made or customized to suit specific needs and design preferences. Additionally, to ensure their longevity, proper maintenance, including re-thatching the roof and treating it, is of utmost importance. With proper care, tiki huts can provide years of enjoyment and transport you to a tropical paradise right at home.

 Let Us Bring the Tropical Vibes Home with a Custom-Built Tiki Hut. Embrace the Relaxing Ambiance, Unwind in Style, and Create Your Own Oasis. Contact Us Today and Let the Journey to Your Personal Paradise Begin!
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