Is your bathtub starting to look and feel like an antique? The old ceramic tub might be charming, but it might not be safe, comfortable, or practical in the long run. A walk-in shower could provide the solution you need to get more out of your bathroom remodel. In addition to making your bathroom safer and more user-friendly, here are other reasons why you should convert your bathtub to a walk-in shower.

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Why convert Bath Tub into Walk-In shower?

If you convert bathtub into a walk-in shower it can open up your bathroom for future remodeling ideas. Typically, removing your bath tub will create room for furniture and storage in your bathroom. It is also a great way to conserve water by using less hot water. When you have an option of turning your bath tub into a walk-in shower, it’s essential that you consider some essential factors such as function and safety before you make that final decision. Since all bathtubs are not created equal, you’ll want to ensure that whatever type of tub you’re converting into your walk-in shower is structurally sound enough to handle heavy use over time. Safety is important because walking through slippery surfaces in wet environments can be dangerous.

Benefits of having a walk-in shower

Bathtubs are undeniably more aesthetically pleasing than showering in an enclosed stall. But sometimes, they’re just not practical – especially if you want to install one in your bathroom that was initially designed for a tub. If you have limited space or difficulty accessing your bathtub (due to old age or disability), converting it into a walk-in shower is essential. That way, you can still enjoy all of its luxurious pleasures, and get clean simultaneously! Here are some of our favorite reasons why converting your bathtub is worth considering. ## No Time To Clean? – Maintaining an open shower space has many advantages over owning a conventional bathtub.

The most obvious of which is ease of cleaning – A closed-stall wall will prevent dirt and grime from splashing onto your walls when taking a hot or cold shower. It’ll also help prevent mildew from building up inside as well! Another significant advantage is accessibility. Since showers are usually set on an incline, people who may need assistance entering their home won’t have trouble entering their shower since it’s floor level. And for those with physical impairments that cause them difficulty getting down on their knees; walk-in showers make it so much easier to maintain mobility during bathing/showering.

Lastly, maintenance costs are significantly lower than other varieties of baths. Since open spaces allow sunlight, you won’t need to worry about nasty bacteria growing along with your tiles and grout lines like what happens in a traditional bathtub! Overall cost aside, however; safety always comes first… All these benefits do add up quite nicely!

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Different types of walk-in showers

Wall walk-in showers: These types of walk-in showers typically don’t require much space, since they are installed on walls. They are often cheaper than corner walk-in showers as well. The only downside is that there isn’t much room to move around.

Corner walk-in showers: These types of walk-in showers provide more space and functionality than wall shower units. However, it takes up many floor space, which might not be feasible for those with small bathrooms. Larger corner walk-in showers can make your bathroom feel like an spa retreat or sauna.

Costs associated with converting your tub into a walk-in shower:

In general, though, you can expect total remodeling costs of more than $10k for just one bathroom project like a basic walk-in shower conversion. These projects are not cheap! Are they worth it? Let’s find out! A survey conducted in 2006 found that 37% of Americans planned on remodeling their bathrooms within 6 months of being interviewed – and only 8% had any plans to convert their existing bathtubs into walk-in showers. It is evidence that many homeowners are willing to spend huge amounts on new bathrooms – which is interesting given how much people love having a clean house.

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