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Have you had recent flood damage on your property? We understand the stress and frustration that come with these kinds of situations. We also know that the cleanup process can be overwhelming. Island Restoration Services is here to help. ­

Water extraction is the process of removing all standing water from the affected areas of your property. Our crew will stop the source of the problem, remove the water, then dry the property. Our industry level tools, and equipment will get the job done right.


  1. Find the source of the water issue.
  2. Stop the water from pouring into your home or business.
  3. Use moisture sensors and meters to detect further water damage.
  4. Identify Safety Hazards – with water damage there may also be further issues such as loose furnishings and other hazards. The water may have damaged electric sockets and the electricity may need to be switched off before getting to work.
  5. After safety hazards are resolves, we will use an industrial vacuum to extract water from the affected areas.
  6. Drying – Professional drying systems are used to dry walls, ceilings, and building cavities. These fans will blow air across surfaces and help the water evaporate.
  7. Disinfection – By using EPA-approves disinfection and sanitization solutions, we will protect your property from bacteria buildup. These solutions and foggers are used to turn a chemical into a fog to eliminate odors and kill bacteria.
  8. Dehumidifying – With our professional equipment, we will start the dehumidification process removing any leftover moisture in the building. The dehumidifiers will draw the water out of the air and drain it so that it doesn’t settle back down on the materials.

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Water Mitigation 1 - Island Restoration - Water Damage Restoration
Water Mitigation 2 - Island Restoration - Water Damage Restoration
Water Mitigation 3 - Island Restoration - Water Damage Restoration
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